A now redundant application on a redundant tablet, this was one of the apps released along with the tablet itself.

Palm Global Business Unit engaged TCS to create their Employee Self Service (currently existing in a desktop version) to the HP Touchpad. This was one of the apps to be released along with the tablet itself.

As the lead User Experience Architect from TCS, Smitha worked closely with the business owners at Palm and the development team at TCS to ensure smooth translation of requirements into final implementation though wireframes. She followed through the lifecycle of the app from conception and design to successful implementation.

Designing an app without any other app references, and with only the official documentation to go by was a challenge that was successfully overcome. It involved a thorough understanding of the webOS guidelines and sessions with the Palm/HP development unit who provided insights into adapting webOS for the Touchpad.

This application remains standing as one of the rare apps developed for the HP Touchpad.